Based on decades of experience with terror and crime data mining and intelligence-led methodologies, CSIA's all-source intelligence investigation platform, enables security organizations to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of apparently disconnected information. By fusing & analyzing virtually all types of data, such as population registries, databases, financial reports, border control records, SIGINT, VISINT, and the open source web, authorities can perform proactive investigations against ongoing threats.

CSIA Fusion Centre Dublin Benefits

CSIA's fusion centre Dublin gets your analysts to work smarter by unifying cross-organizational data-sources, generating and surfacing
valuable insights, and turning knowledge into actions. Made for the investigator's mind.


Propel Your Team to New Insights

Built by intelligence experts, CSIAs investigation platform creates a collaborative pool of data which exceeds the sum of its parts. Your investigations will accelerate thanks to insights that were previously unattainable.

  • Work smarter and accelerate your entire investigation process by integrating proven methodologies for crime & terror investigation and research.
  • Reveal suspicious connections through illustrative link maps, perpetual entity profiling and predictive policing, and securely share insights within your organization and outside.
  • Gain fast and accurate results by getting quick answers to complex questions and easily mining through large amounts of data.

A Platform for Now and the Future

Scalable and future-ready, begin with the data sources that are accessible to you today. Expand in the future as desired by adding new data sources in multiple formats or by interfacing with your other in-house systems..

  • Begin with your available sources and interface in the future with multiple data and file types – for both structured and unstructured data.
  • Easily ingest out-of-the-box content relevant to law enforcement, national security and military research, from sources relevant to your country and investigation domain.
  • Assimilate image, video, and voice analysis, including label, face, logo, explicit content and landmark detection.

Turbo-Charge Your Investigation

Distill intelligence from the abundant knowledge-base in your organization. Complement it with integrated web intelligence and network intelligence capabilities. Gain insights through CSIA's data mining platform.

  • Complement your investigation knowledge through abundant information available from network and open source intelligence.
  • Benefit from a seamless integration to the CSIA solutions under the same hood.
  • Increase your organization's productivity based on sharing & collaboration between separate intelligence teams using one advanced data mining platform.
img Fusion Center Dublin

Fusion Center Dublin

img Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

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CSIA Face Detection Software


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