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Maximum Intelligence Availability

CSIA professional services and training assure you of maximum uptime and high operational value throughout your system's life-cycle. Without the need to resource, your team can focus on critical operational activities.


Services Designed for Your Specific Needs

CSIA has decades of service experience, based on more than 20 years system deployments worldwide. CSIA's domain expertise ensures that your team will always be up-to-date with evolving technologies, methodologies and security standards.


Vast Track Record with High Customer Satisfaction

Stay ahead of cyber adversaries with Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports and daily CTI feeds from CSIA's expert cyber intelligence team.

Terrogence Webint Reports Portal

Check out our periodic Open Source reports made by Web Intelligence analysts who specialize on
threat related topics.



CSIA offers various plans for collecting data from different sources and extracting actionable intelligence to help our customers reveal new threats. Trainees learn practical methodologies to slice and dice through the large amounts of data as well as understand how to efficiently employ their findings while deepening the scope of their research.

CSIA provides a cooperative service experience that rapidly resolves incidents and maximizes uptime. The plan ensures that customers realize the full benefit of their technology investment and continue to benefit from maximum operational value.


System Availability



Advanced Go-to-Production is a plan for ongoing annual training courses. The Program is a winning platform for the creation of sustainable operational value for your organization, bringing the right information at the right time to your decision makers.

img Fusion Center Dublin

Fusion Center Dublin

img Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

img CSIA Face Detection Software

CSIA Face Detection Software


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