National Critical
Infrastructure Is At Risk

National critical infrastructure, such as airports, power plants and government facilities, have become increasingly vulnerable
to threats, including cyber-attacks and terrorism. Beyond the potential threat to human life, any disruption to facility
operations can interrupt system performance and cause extensive local and national economic losses. Critical infrastructure
providers constantly seek solutions to efficiently protect them from both physical and cyber threats.


CSIA Monitors The Threats &
Protects The Assets

CSIA's critical infrastructure security solutions fuse and analyze data from multiple electronic sources, the open source web, physical sensors and external systems, and generate intelligence which enables security personnel to centrally monitor the threats and protect the assets. For protection against cyber-attacks, CSIA provides comprehensive risk analysis, detection, investigation, and response capabilities in one pre-integrated platform with a single prime vendor.

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Protect Your Assets With CSIA


Multiple Solutions from a Single Vendor

CSIA provides physical security solutions that drive incident management, workflow, and dispatch throughout your site. CSIA's cybersecurity solutions provide complete detection & response for IT and OT networks across the entire attack chain.


Advanced Intelligence Analyticss

Significantly improve SOC efficiency through automated investigations to reveal the complete attack story. CSIA provides video analytics tools which give you the power to see and the insights to act.


An Intelligence Driven SOCt

Powerful asset discovery and anomaly detection designed for OT network protocols. An entire incident response plan and situational awareness solution can be embedded into an automated, intelligence driven SOC.

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Fusion Center Dublin

img Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

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CSIA Face Detection Software


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