Physical And Cyber Attacks
Cause Huge Damage

Internal and external data and physical theft cause enterprises to suffer billions of dollars of losses every year to a wide range of assets, including theft of data and intellectual property. The thefts can result from a perpetrator physically stealing property, from embezzlement, monetary fraud, or from advanced cyber attacks. Enterprises need effective solutions for collecting and analyzing intelligence regarding both physical and cyber attacks.


CSIA Keeps The Business Up & Running

CSIA data mining solutions for enterprise protection fuse and analyze data from multiple electronic sources, the open source web, physical sensors and external systems. The solutions enable enterprise security teams to convert the wide range of data into insights, identify suspicious behavioral patterns, and generate predictive intelligence. For protection against cyber-attacks, CSIA provides comprehensive risk analysis, detection, investigation, and response capabilities in one pre-integrated platform.

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Valuable Physical And Cyber Protection



Central Threat Monitoring

Integrates data from multiple systems and sensors, such as access control, video, intrusion, public safety and other mobile device systems. The solution also provides complete detection and response for IT networks across the entire cyber attack chain.


Unified Investigation Workflows

CSIA integrates multiple advanced detection engines and provides unified workflows for investigation, behavioral analytics, and forensics. Analyze attack paths, enable remediation, and help protect against future attempts.


Expertise and Experience

CSIA has over 20 years of experience protecting enterprises of all sizes. Our solutions have been deployed for a wide range of challenges faced by enterprises, from cyber attack prevention and investigation to the theft of intellectual property.

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Fusion Center Dublin

img Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

Living, speaking & breathing intelligence is who we are & what we do!

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CSIA Face Detection Software


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